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December 03, 2009


Jayne Groves

I just went to The Humane Society of Missouri's website.
They appear to be endorsing HSUS if you look at the bottom of webpage they thank different groups HSUS being one.
People will see that and send donations to HSUS. They need to remove them from their website.


I noticed the same thing over the last few weeks regarding their TV commercials. It seems the most common dog used in their sympathy commercials asking for money are abused pit bulls but what have they actually done for them except exploit them for fund raising? i.e. the commercials with actress Wendie Malick (Just Shoot Me) in particular.


I'm sure they do some good, but...

For the amount of money they have, they destroy far too many adoptable animals without a second thought. They're constantly spinning things just like this so they appear to be the hero and the center of all that is good in the world of rescue.

I'm linking to your post, and I suggest that everyone who follows your blog do the same; as fellow animal lovers and believers not only in Pit Bulls, but the no-kill philosophy, we can at least try to put HSUS in their place.

Mary Haight

Anything HSUS has a hand in will be marketed for donations to the end of time. They are a huge worldwide organization and that takes large sums to continue to operate.

While yes they do a lot of very good work in many areas, and have come round to new ideas recently that save more dogs, I've suggested that they do joint advertising campaigns with the organizations that actually care for the bust dogs and puppy mill victims.

While these organizations get funding for the care of the dogs they take in by court order, their notable work should be given the kind of acclaim only HSUS dollars(and others with considerable marketing budgets)can confer.

This would be more acceptable to most than what happens now. And since so many of these busts take place in very poor areas of the country, it would be a laudable service that HSUS would be giving to the communities involved.


i just watched the video on HSUS' site. in it they claim to have 'helped' the HSMO on the raid. perhaps someone should take them to task on their lie? and direct said lie to the HSMO also? i hate that they do crap like that :(


Why is this fraud not being report to the authorities. Isn't it illegal for them to raise money on the backs of dogs who will never see one cent of that money for care and rehabilitation?


I believe they did 'help' with the raid...but usually H$U$ just helps get animals seized and when the real work of taking care of the animals comes in, they take their money and run. They MAY be giving some money to HSMO but they have not responded to my questions regarding the matter.

I have heard they are going to push for tougher dog fighting legislation in MO. After the largest dog fighting bust in MO they want to spend MORE MONEY on pushing for more laws - THIS is where you're "victim's money" will be going. How about they spend that money to actually SAVE lives or fight against breed bans so these dogs will have homes to go to? (I have asked them for assistance on fighting BSL and they "do not get involved in BSL or that would be all we'd do". UM, WHAT!?

They did this with the Katrina donations - supposedly there was a federal investigation but them H$U$ covered their tracks with a bunch of BS programs for the area. One was a spay/neuter program: for one, where did that money actually GO and what did it DO (I suspect this program has gone nowhere). for two, that is NOT what people intended the money to be used for. They INTENDED for the money to SAVE THE ANIMALS. I bet if we got the real numbers on the Katrina pets over 1/2 were killed.

The larger point is that they don't care about individual animals lives. With the resources they have they could create a no kill nation TOMORROW. What they really want to do is make it harder on pet owners by constantly pushing for more laws to take away our rights (don't forget Pacelle came from PETA). They are a lobbying organization plain and simple.


they are scum, just scum. Shameless scum


Geez, HSUS didn't even spell Fay's name right. That oughta be a pretty good clue that they're not the least bit involved with this dog.


Michelle, you are sooo right. They have the money to do what we can only dream of doing. That's what's so sickening.

Our shelter (and, I'm sure, many others) has taken in dogs that are on our local HSUS' death row (one of our volunteers also volunteers there and gives us the very sad heads-up as soon as she learns of a dog that's "being transferred"). Often, they're on death row for no reason other than they haven't been adopted fast enough. Sorry, that's not a good reason! When your pockets are that deep, you don't have to move "merchandise" that quickly. We manage to hold on to our pets until they're adopted, and we do it on a budget that's a mere fraction of HSUS'.

They also turn away any animal that's not perfect (injuries, those with chronic diseases, etc.). It's just sickening to think that they can afford to help these poor creatures, but DON'T.


HA! - Oh the ironies of life.

Inquiring minds need to know how this fund will be distributed, 'cuz we got ourselves some bust dog bills to pay.



Just to be clear, unless you have a completely unique situation, your local "Humane Society" most likely has no link to the national organization. Like local "SPCAs" they are 100% independent of the national ASPCA and HSUS -- they just have common names. Often this is very confusing for people because it just seems like there should be some affiliation. In most cases, I recommended giving to local Humane Societies and SPCAs....more so than the national organizations. The irony here is that HSUS seems to be capitalizing on the press covering the Humane Society of Missouri is getting for the care of the dogs to trick people into giving money to them, vs HSMO.

Donna, it kills me that so many great organizations like you guys, Our Pack, MABBR, Bless the Bullies,HSMO and many others are taking in these dogs and HSUS is trying to get all the fundraising dollars that people assume is going for their care.


Oh I'm sure based on their past history, HSUS will establish a system to share the money they raise with the groups actually, you know, caring for the dogs.

oh wait...


So far, H$U$ has still not responded to my email asking if they are actually CARING for any of these dogs and how much has been given for their care (MO bust dogs).

If anyone org is caring for one of these dogs I'd suggest emailing them and asking when you should expect to receive your check.

Our Pack

Thank you Brent for this blog! I saw this today and was flabbergasted! As one of the groups that helped not only with rescue but also rescue coordination I can tell you I don't remember John Goodwin being one that I talked to about TAKING and CARING FOR a dog or dogs. We have taken 3 dogs from HSMO and have worked with many other cases besides the Vick case and I don't remember the HSUS taking dogs, paying and caring FOR them. If they are I wish they would show us pics and videos of THEIR dogs that they HAVE so we can celebrate. We could use some money to help with this effort......we have a girl coming this weekend that may need surgery. Maybe John will pass some on. MuttsNStuff was also responsible for rescue coordination she may have something to add on who took dogs.

Our Pack

Also I want to add, will Gale at MuttsNStuff get some of these donations as she is caring for Fay. Mutts is providing for the surgery......


Well there they go pulling off the scandalous crap they do again and again! They will NEVER see a dime of my family's money! We are educating all our family, children, and friends about the evils of HSUS, PETA, ASPCA and others...BLECH!

Ess Bee

They were involved in the original rescue. The mailing says they helped rescue not that they did it singlehandedly.The video mentions HSMO. It shows someone wearing a HSMO t-shirt. It also talks about the need to be rescued in order to survive. HSUS gets called in by local humane groups on countless seizures to do the actual rescue (fighting, millers, hoarders, poorly-treated work animals). Ever seen their huge disaster truck that drives from one nightmare to another, that'll hold at least 100 animals at a pop? It's huge and they've been working it pretty regularly since last December. which is when I first started paying attention after a deployment here in Canada where I volunteered. In the last year that truck and those full-time personnel have delivered literally thousands of animals out of some stinking hellholes of suffering, I've seen the pictures and footage and read the reports of every incident since the one I assisted at last winter. So why shouldn't they fundraise to keep that valuable service going? I will never understand the bickering between rescue groups.

H Houlahan

Ess Bee, the "actual rescue" is not the day the truck and the teevee cameras go out to seize the animals.

The actual rescue is the months and years of training and medical rehab.

It's eleven months of work to get a beaten dog to trust you enough to take a treat from your hand.

It's the $5000 surgery to repair the abuser's damage.

It's paying for hundreds of neuters.

It's finding and vetting adopters for special needs dogs and then being there for them forever.

I guess a babydaddy who is present at the conception, shows up at the birth with a bag of Pampers and a box of cigars, then disappears, deserves "credit" for the resulting child.



I think what pisses people off is the use of photos of actual animals that are being rehabbed by other organizations. But this happens all the time. Last year, the Texas SPCA did a fundraising campaign using a photo of a pit bull that they supposedly took from New Orleans when we had an evacuation last year. But they have a policy of NOT taking any pit bulls from New Orleans during evacuation. When this was pointed out to them, the president insisted that not only did they take pit bulls, but that this photo was one of the pit bulls they took. And then he just ignored all further inquiries.


HSUS is raising money, making it look like they are caring for this dog, when they have had - and will have - *nothing* to do with her care, surgery, training, and ultimately her placement. Then they go and set up a 'fund' for 'dogs like Fay'. Meanwhile, the organization that has the care and control of this dog - Mutts N Stuff in MO. - is struggling to raise funds for her expensive surgeries and continued care. Sorry, this is ethical, HOW?


My guess would be they aren't caring for any of the dogs, since they don't have a shelter or any sort of foster program that I know of.


Mary, it isn't ethical. And it may not even be legal.

Ess Bee -- I don't want to dispute that HSUS has done some good things in helping break up dog fighting operations. However, their form of "rescue" was to liberate and destroy the dogs. They (finally) changed that policy a year ago, but now are liberating, and then washing the hands of the situation and letting all of the local organizations be 100% responsible for the cost and care for the dogs. I think that would be bad enough that the world's wealthiest "humane" organization is not financially helping cash strapped local rescues to care for the dogs. But what is even worse, is that now they are raising money on the backs of these local rescue groups...and still leaving them with all the work and high-ticket bills. The reality is that a year ago, HSUS would have demanded Fay be killed. Now, without the support of local groups, she still would be, because HSUS has already moved on.

KC KS Kills Dogs

Has anyone contacted the FBI or IRS? This type of fundraising can't be legal.


I think Gina hits just about every point (except maybe mentioning and linking to the other small groups that have these dogs, in addition to Muttsnstuff)

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