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December 29, 2009



My thinking has been: Fully fund and staff the USDA to enforce the existing laws then, after a reasonable period, get feedback from the agency on what, if any, regulations need tweaking.
The terror thing always seems to me to be a game of closing the barn door after the cows are out. I think basically authorities don't want to be caught having the exact same scenario unfold again. And of course terrorists can easily bypass these "security measures" by not attempting the exact same scenario a second time.


We all know the real purpose of all these puppy mill laws is to shut down commercial breeding all together - they'll keep chipping away at them. But just like with the horse slaughter we'll just send it out of the country where there is NO oversight. Plus we've convinced all the "responsible" to alter their dogs. People want their teacup Yorkies and by golly you're not going to stop them!

There are plenty of laws on the books now to shut down the bad apples and we acutally have leaders in MO listening. Time/money would be better spent elsewhere than campaigning for this.

Oh, this is a PERFECT example of where your H$U$ survivors fund money is going.

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