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December 02, 2009



More pets into homes - yay!
I'd be interested to know if they are taking pets representative of the shelter. IOW, if the shelter is 50% large black mixed breeds, is 50% of the stock in the retail outlet made up of large black mixed breeds?


Animal Haven is a no kill shelter that serves 11 different communities on the Kansas side of the state line. So I'm fairly certain it is mostly representative of the shelter. They need to get as many dogs and cats adopted as possible. The one thing they won't have at the Oak Park Mall location are any of the bully breeds, as they are banned in the particular juristiction where the mall is located. But otherwise I'd guess that the animals are fairly representative.


I really, really like this idea! Too often, shelters (especially our municipal ones) are off in the boonies or in industrial areas where no one wants to go.

Glad to hear that it is proving to be successful. :)


If they are truly adopting out pets representative of the shelter then that - in this case at least - disproves critics who say you could only do a retail outlet if you pick all small/cute/young dogs. If they can get what's IN the shelter OUT by putting them in a mall outlet, that's AWESOME!

KC KS Kills Dogs

This is awesome!! What a smart idea!

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