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November 28, 2009



I agree, it looks like a white Boxer. And the owner of the dog apparently stated in the news article that the dog is a stray he's been feeding? So it's not like the owner could say what breed the dog is, either. Not that it's stopping any of the commenters on the message boards from calling the dog a "pit bull."

Everyone seems to be completely overlooking the fact that the dog was a known biter, yet nothing was ever done about it until now. It's a critical point, so thanks for pointing that out.


Time and time again it seems that many of the folks on the message boards continue to want to blame a 'pit bull' for everything...and don't let facts get in the way of a good argument.

Yeah, the fact that authorities knew the dog was dangerous and did nothing, should be everyone's focus on this IMO.


"American Bulldog kills woman"=8 news outlets
"Pitbull kills woman"=8000 news outlets

Cue the badly thought out anti-dog legislation proposal w/no mention of the fact that authorities failed miserably on this case.


YesBiscuit are you saying ""this attack was reported in 8000 news outlets as a "pit bull attack"? Please tell me this is NOT so?


As a long-time owner of Boxers, I can tell you, sometimes even I have a hard time telling the difference between some white Boxers and some all white American Bulldogs.

But, that said, there is little doubt in my mind that this dog is a Boxer.

But, of course, like others have said, the "pit bull / bulldog" breed is probably going to take the hit for this fatality.

Just goes to show you that 99 percent of people don't know how to accurately identify breeds of dogs unless the dog is a textbook (color and confirmation) example of a breed.

This dog appears to be a good physical representative of the Boxer breed, yet the coloration (white) seems to be all it takes to confuse almost everyone--- and to lead to yet another misidentification of breeds involved in attacks....

which is exactly why clueless people like reporters, and dogbitelaw should not be "identifying breeds" of dogs or taking the word of idiot "owners" who just happened to slap a breed label on a stray dog!

Jim Crosby

One tiny good thing looks in the photo that the police are actually - gasp - taking swabs from the dog for DNA testing as they should! Holy Moley someone was actually listening when I taught my class on how to investigate these horrible attacks! Miracles never cease - I'm going to have to sit down now.


Fran, I don't think that's what YB! is saying. I think she's referring to the reality that if it HAD been a pit bull, it would have been more widely reported. I've only found 8 articles about this story -- 7 of them had no breed listed at all, and 1 had it mentioned as an "american bulldog" (which most people don't think is an accurate breed ID - -see Javadel's comment).

Jim, don't get too excited. I think they were just taking the DNA test to confirm that it was the same dog that bit the woman and compare to DNA in her bite wounds -- I don't think they intend to breed ID the dog with it.


Yes, Brent, I also believe the detectives were testing the DNA only to confirm it matched with the DNA of the victim--

It has been routine for many years now for detectives to take DNA (not for breed identification - but to match saliva found on the victim to the dog.

This is nothing new, it is done on most cases--- this is just the first photo shown of it in the media.


The DNA test was to identify that dog as the dog who made the attack. There has been no testing to identify the breed. This incedent is not about breed of animal but the lack of response by the autorities to prior bites and to the lack of responsibility as a dog owner to prevent this type of event from occuring. It is being reported that this man's dogs have bitten or "attacked" up to 5 people within the past year. I don't know the accuracy but it is coming from local news agencies. There is something going on at this person's residence. don't know.....and oh by the way, it is the middle of the Kentucky country side so who knows what might be "growing" there...just saying.



It does appear as if there is a real problem with this particular owner in Kentucky. The fact that officials knew about a problem and did nothing is a real problem that should be addressed. It is interesting that there appear to have been multiple attacks - -and not just the one that was widely reported.

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