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November 29, 2009



If one reads all the way to the end of the article about the GSD in Pa., the picture shows a dog either falling down, or struggling to stand, at the vet's office. 'Don't know why they picked that as the story photo, but what's saddest about it is that there appears to be a swelling in the dog's abdomen (it just doesn't look the right shape), that looks oddly like a huge tumor. Another thought from the photo is that the dog has horrendous hip dysplasia and the tech/vet isn't helping the dog because...?

And the 'police dog' in Minnesota sure doesn't sound like it's really treated like a valuable member of the squad. Living in an outdoor kennel at the water treatment plant and still 'working' at 11 yrs. old? Uh, maybe that department shouldn't bother getting another dog, even if they do microchip it, as their care standards are pretty crappy, even for a tiny burg.

Nathan Winograd

Kate is absolutely correct that the dog should not have been living in an outdoor kennel. Many departments have the dogs live as members of the handler-officer's family, and after retiring, the dogs live with that officer's family. That aside, this case underscores how shelters misuse temperament testing to unfairly label dogs unadoptable and kill them. This particular dog was a highly trained narcotics detection dog who also went into schools as part of the humane education component of the police department. The dog protected public safety, yet this particular shelter claimed the dog was a threat to public safety. The real reason he was killed, according to long time critics of this particular shelter, is more likely that he was older and black, and they were looking for a reason to fail him.


My family labrador lived its whole life of 14 years outside on our 20 acres before dying from a brain tumor. This breed is designed to withstand swimming thru freezing water to retrieve ducks. We had to force Heidi to come in when it got too cold and she also had an insulated dog house in the barn with a heated water dish. We also let her run loose her entire life!

While the police didn't do enough to find their lost dog IMO, I find it frustrating that people will point to things like living outdoors or "working" like its a form of cruelty. The issue here is the dog has been killed for no damn good reason.

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