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November 23, 2009



I think PETA just fell out.


What a neat, smart concept!


I am looking to start something similar to this where I live. Both nearby pounds are way off the beaten path (one right next to the sewage treatment plant...stinky!), neither allow volunteers or foster homes, and have overall poor customer service. There is an empty building next to Petco that I would love to turn into a year round adoption center for both dogs and cats. I can see so much good that would come from it but I have so much to learn about how to start and run one. I would love to get all the nitty gritty details.



It might be good for you to contact the folks at Animal Haven here in Kansas City -- they can give you the skinny on how they set up the program. If you contact their main number (the link to them is above), and ask for Laura, she is usually a great person to talk to. Depending on the state there will be some rules that you'll have to follow to set up a separate "rescue" at that location - get the business license, etc. The rules will vary some by state. But I'd contact Laura at Animal Haven and see if she can give you some insight. I think it sounds like an awesome idea.

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