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November 13, 2009



The Blade's work sounds like it will put continued pressure on the commissioner’s jobs, which may be what it takes at this point. But when I read about a grant for DNA testing, it still sounds like they are focused on using race\breed as a criterion.

I wish they were looking for a grant to study better ways of working with the community and dog owners.



I agree with your sentiment, but I kind of looked at it differently.

At this point, it seems unlikely that they will be repealing their breed ban any time soon. However, the reason they're looking at the DNA testing is in order to rule more dogs as "non-pit bulls" and thus adoptable vs being instantly killed (the county recently lost a a Breed ID case involving three Cane Corsos).

One of two things will end up happening with this:

1) They don't get the grant (most likely) and then end up killing the same number of dogs -- and then decide they need to make changes in order to quit the killing of the dogs.

2) They get the grant, they realize that most of the 'pit bulls' they're killing aren't really 'pit bulls' and then
a) adopt out more dogs and
b) realize their bite numbers reflect the same mis-identification and that all of Skeldon's claims about whay they needed a breed ban in the first place are false (it should be noted here that in Lucas County, only about 7% of the dog bites come from pit bulls)

At least they are beginning to realize that the way they handle 'pit bulls' is a major part of their problem....hopefully then they'll realize that the real solution resides elsewhere.


“Pit bull,” tan/white young female “with pink toe nail polish;” North University, Toledo; running at large, no muzzle.

The "pink toe nail polish" just broke my heart.


Wow Rinalia -- I somehow missed that. With pink toe nail polish you KNOW that was someone's pet that they loved and cared about -- and I doubt much was done from Skeldon's crew to try to find that owner.


that guy is going down.... to hell
kudo's to the Blade for keeping at this. Publishing that list .. .heartbreaking, but exactly the right thing to do.


I think it should be noted that many shelters in OH euthanize puppies that are of resemblance to "pit bulls". I hope the media continues with their criticism of Skeldon and also begins to take note that other shelters in OH that are doing the same. Hopefully, this will push for the appropriate changes at the state law level, which I believe is driving some of these archaic policies/procedures.


I hope he meets up with someone in a dark alley that expresses the same kind of compassion on him, that he has shown on both the pets he has murdered and the families that loved them. Maybe Rescue Ink could pay him a visit?

Good observation Carianne - hopefully this mess in Toledo will inspire the entire state to quit murdering animals and get these laws changed.


You are right, Carianne - I think Skeldon is an icon of the old school of thought on dogs and people. These are "law enforcement agents" and "dog wardens". Legislators have attempted to change the term to "animal control officer" without much success. Definitely represents a backward way of thinking as it applies to both public safety and animal welfare.

Social Mange

Lucas County should conduct an immediate integrity investigation of Wozniak. With such an obvious conflict of interest, Wozniak should have abstained from the vote. Wozniak's refusal leads me to question her other decisions. She has to obey the spirit of the law, not just the letter. What other questionable decisions has she made? Voters deserve to know.

And Skeldon must go. NOW. Any wavering is ridiculous. Skeldon doesn't run an animal shelter, he runs a charnel house.

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