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November 09, 2009



The only criminal anyone needs to be concerned with right now is Tom Skeldon. Someone that loves killing animals as much as he does, and as OUT OF TOUCH as he is with the reality around him, needs a psychiatric evaluation.

Brian Cluxton

Excellent post, Brent. It's taken a LONG time to mount this pressure on Skeldon, thanks partially to his sister or cousin or some such person on the County Commission who refuses to recuse herself. Jean Keating and others in her group deserve a ton of credit. There is a special place in hell for Tom Skeldon.


In Atlanta six years ago, our Fulton County Animal Control, under the oversight of Atlanta Humane (not) Society executive director Bill Garrett, was doing worse than Lucas County: adopting out zero animals and killing all but a tiny handful that were considered cute enough to make a profit at AHS's shelter.

A small group of caring people determined to end the killing spoke at every Fulton County commission meeting. They held press conferences and protests, and wrote letters to the editor. For the first time in 20 years, the commissioners opened up the contract to operate the shelter to competitive bid, and AHS lost to a progressive group that cut the kill rate in half literally overnight.

Entrenched pro-kill dinosaurs like Skeldon and Garrett can be eradicated when citizens work together. They are on the losing side. The vast majority of people do not want healthy animals killed (not "euthanized," BTW).

Keep at it and the killing will stop.


This guy is just so over the top, it's beyond comprehension.



Where can we write to have this guy removed from the pound there?

Should we let them know that the entire world is on to his failure?


This guy just gets off on killing. He digs the power of life and death, especially death. This is not the right job for him. Get him a job with an exterminating service. That's his passion.

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