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November 14, 2009



Unfortunately, the Governor of Puerto Rico vetoed this bill on Jan 7, 2010. I haven't been able to find any other information as to whether the legislative assembly of Puerto Rico will again attempt to enact another bill, or to override his veto. Please correct me if you have found any new information.



Your information is the last bit of information I've heard on this as well.

Abisai Portalatin

We in Puerto Rico made news in 2009 or 2010 when the legislation gave the people want they ask for all does year's let the pittbull live and they did they past the law in favor of the dog lover's and the PITTBULL'S

Gloria Nogueras

I want to know espesifically if anyone can travel to PR with a long nose pittbull, who is very tame and loves children. What kind of problems can they have with customs.
Thank you
Gloria Nogueras


Why the sairlines don't allow pit bulls into Puerto Rico? Is there a way I can take my pit bull there?


I am about to retire and would like to bring my American Pitbull Terrier with me. Who do I have to contact to get concrete information to bring my pitbull with me to Puerto Rico?


Did anyone find a way to get a pit bull to Puerto Rico without it being an offensive? I wouldn't break the laws because that is such a waste of time and resources. You can never win no matter how fantastic your angle. hahahahha Good day all.

roy f. evon

I am planning to move to pr. but have been reading about a pit bull or mix with pits being band . I would like to know the current statis of repealing the law I'm not moving if I can not bring my dog . iam having a dna test don hoping the test dose not show any banned breeds

Indria E Penix

I’m thinking of moving to Puerto Rico I have 4 pit bulls and I want to bring them is there any change to this band they are apart of my family and they go where I go I paying to fly them down and it’s 4 of them please help me out out so I no what’s going on because if that’s the case I won’t be coming there I have great job opportunities but they go where I go and this really hurts they are the sweetest dogs ever it’s like being racist against the breed !!!


Indria - my understanding is that unfortunately the ban remains in place in Puerto Rico. For sure call local authorities before making a decision to relocate there.

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