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November 17, 2009



Do most cities not have a stray hold of at least a few days to give the owner an opportunity to find their animal?


Definately heartbreaking. Haven't been able to make myself read too much about this guy yet.


I think what makes Lucas County so disturbing is all the things they DON'T do which have led to the death of 77% of incoming dogs.

For the first 30 years, they didn't scan for microchips and were reticent to a law that would require it.

They haven't ever used petfinder or adopt-a-thons or the internet to a) reunited owners with dogs or b) promote adoptions. They're using petfinder now, but not really because they want to.

They apparently only hold dogs two days before killing them.

It is almost a miracle that they adopt out 400 dogs a year.

The toenail bit just stuck out. I can see a lonely little girl curling up with her year old pit bull. I can watch as she brings out the nail polish and the dog, true to her nature, endures the whole event with grace and as much dignity as she can muster. It's an emotional visual, I know and it isn't logical, by any means.

But it reflects the greater picture, the irrational slaughter of thousands of dogs because they look a certain way. Nail polish or not, the ONLY reason that young, female pit bull is dead is because she was born looking a certain way. That isn't right.


Nichole, most states have things like minimum hold requirements that cities must abide by. In most states it's 3 or 5 days. I'm pretty sure it's 3 in Ohio. So not a lot of time at all for shelters that don't post animals online, aren't open at hours when people can readily get to them, won't give straight answers on the phone or are hard to get to for people who don't have autos.

Rinalia, when you pointed that out it was pretty devastating....because obviously this dog went from dearly loved to dead in a matter of a few short days...for no reason than someone's neglegence and hatred.

Social Mange

Between the story of the "pit bull" with pink toe nail polish and the story of Oreo....I am so sad and so sickened.


From Tom Skeldon's "Look Who I Killed Today List" in the Blade...(I wonder if his mother is proud of her son? Maybe they will get a chance to talk at Thanksgiving.)

"Jack Russell Terrier mix, white/orange/sable male, “buddy — moving, can't take — no vet care — blue collar — (09) 17074”, “found as stray, owner had it for two years, housebroken, good w/kids;”

Looking at all the animals he killed today, I was reminded of his wish to "keep "these dogs as far underground as possible so they are not in a position to bite the kids or bite the mailman or whatever." What a disservice people who kill to promote safety do to a community.

I like the idea of publishing these public records. Maybe someone could start up a service in Toledo which offers to match potential adopters up with people like this to save their pet from going to the shelter. It might have taken all of 15 minutes to place this dog with the right tv ad.

Ironic, to have to be saved from a "shelter".


It seems that someone should make something of the fact that at best this Tom Skeldon's thinking seems to be pathological, literally sick, even able to induce illness. The same person who is that hateful to dogs in general wants a "pit bull ban."


In Ohio they only have to hold dogs for 3 days. In the state I live in it is 10 days which should be plenty of time plus when you inform one shelter the others know about it. I had animal control 30-45 min away call asking if the dog they found was my missing one. It wasn't but it was far from me and I did find the dog. I hear that in Ohio shelters are starting to work together to transfer adoptable dogs to places where there is space instead of killing them. That is what they do here and we don't really have high kill shelters but also have great spay/neuter programs.

Still 3 days is no where near enough time. What if the owner is hospitalized and cannot pick up the dog? Will they have time to be able to inform someone and get them to go get the dog before it is too late? Will the shelters actually hold a dog that has a confirmed owner (microchip) and haven't been able to reach that owner, like they were on vacation and the dog escaped from the sitter

Laurie Ellis

It is saddening and enlightening when I recieve information like this. If you watch the animal police shows, you see on one hand the extreme cruelty and neglect issues in society, but are lulled into believing there is an effective force out there fighting against it. I have personally rescued cats, dogs, and horses. We do not have a humane society in our area, so many of us take matters into our own hands, by educating or rescuing.

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