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November 09, 2009


Jennifer Brighton

Woo hoo! I live in Bellingham and have a pit mix who comforts my husband's clients with disabilities, attends agility classes, the dog park and dog daycare twice a week. The idea that I couldn't visit relatives in Oak Harbor w/out muzzling her was ludicrous.

Love this website. I follow breed ban legislation closely and in fact was finally a true victim of prejudice yesterday when a woman asked me if my dog was part pit bull and when I said "Yes, do you want to meet her?," she gave me a dirty look and commented that she had a gun. All while I was walking in a legal off-leash area along the river with my 81-yr-old mother! Some people have no shame.


Police Chief Rick Wallace should know that a Doggie DNA Test is irrelevant- there is not a DNA test available anywhere that will prove the breed of the dog and the laboratories will tell you that.

Brent Toellner

I think most people now at least someone think the Mars Wisdom Panel test is at least somewhat conclusive. The problems with so many of the other tests is that they did not have enough breeds in their database and thus, were coming back with wacky results. The Mars test appears, at least for now, to be somewhat accurate...and even if it's not, it creates quite the problem for cities if DNA can't determine a breed of dog, but they think they can tell just by looking at it...particularly for mixed breed dogs.

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