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November 25, 2009



I am afraid to say I live in London and trust me it is worse then you can make it out to be on a screen.

The ACA are a bunch of NAZI's on a hunt for anything that remotely looks like a 'Pit Bull'. THEY can't even tell when there are traits of a 'Pit Bull Breed' in a mixed dog. Yet they are the ones that have the ability to assign a death sentence to the animal.

Sad really.

Social Mange

There's an excellent article by Barbara Amiel on entitled "Dogs are victims in a scary war". Well worth reading, Ms. Amiel is extremely intelligent and a good writer.

pet cremation tulsa

Good article but here is The "fear" is something that was in many ways CREATED by Ontario's breed ban - it certainly isn't because they really are a major cause of th eproblem

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