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November 05, 2009



Thank you for covering this Brent. We need to spread the word on this travesty.


Although I want to be sick, I'm glad I now know about this.


The Commercial Appeal, a Tennessee newspaper, has an article that the Memphis mayor, AC Wharton, fired the Animal Services Director Ernest Alexander today.


The petition to charge those employees that are responsible for this tragedy can be found here:


this is just a horrible thing to do to an animal who has been through even more than you have just because you are having a bad day


Check out what is going on here!!!!! Something needs to be done!!

PM Martello

Please continue to report on the Memphis Animal Shelter. The Memphis Animal Shelter is doing it again! They never stoped killing and abusing the animals. Enept employees and Director Pepper need to be reorganized, fired and this stopped. I think rescue groups should run it, frankly.

Memphis can not even run their schools why do we think they can run an animal shelter?

Citizens are upset but Mayor Whaton just passes the buck to others and thus begins the vicious circle of avoidance. Please continue to investigate, check out this issue.
The site - (thank goodness) it is keeping up with all they are doing through the web cam. Please do your own research and help us remove the director Pepper and reorganize the shelter.

It is a proven fact that most criminals first are animal abusers. Whether you are an animal lover or not this pertains to all of us - crime is crime. Also, most people have at least one pet so many many people care about this issue very much!

Please help us change this kill all animals to a safe house shelter!


PM - can you please explain why the hell the local AW groups supported giving this killing machine even more power by passing Mandatory Spay/Neuter laws?

Melanie Dodd

I justed wanted to fill you in on the latest animal abuse story in Memphis, TN. Trust me, I have been harassing all of the local news outlets all day.

Melanie Dodd


WOW PATHETIC, They should be ASHAMED of themselves..................BOOOOOOOO !!!!

Julie Brown

The canine and feline blood lines are FAR SUPERIOR TO MANY " humans"
SHUT IT DOWN!! Damn these guys do better LEFT ON THE STREET!!

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