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November 30, 2009


Nathan Winograd

Thanks for this Brent. The hope is that the combined pressure of needlessly killing friendly dogs, alienating dog lovers who make up their constituency, the financial boondoggle of enforcement and defense of it, as well as the lack of true public safety will convince them to abandon this approach.

The good news is that the local animal control shelter on the Gold Coast does not support the ban and has made great strides in saving dogs and cats, currently at about a 90% save rate despite being an open admission animal control shelter.

In fact, they would be No Kill for dogs but for the breed ban. Eliminating this would guarantee all homeless friendly, savable Pit Bull-type dogs a loving new home.

And that would make the repeal of the ban, important in and of itself, more reason to celebrate.

Nathan Winograd

I should add that the city enforcement officers are not part of the sheltering facility, so there is no confusion between what the shelter wants and the evidence you noted in your blog about the supervisor who botched the identification.

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