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November 24, 2009



How can they be so stupid?


PLEASE spread the word for people to NOT DONATE TO THIS ORGANIZATION!!! Quit empowering these agencies to exploit and kill animals!


What idiots! And they have the nerve to push their stupid laws on us when they can't tell one breed from another - within the SAME LITTER?!


The thing is they can't tell what breed these dogs are PERIOD. THEY are the ones that pushed to add more breeds to the list because THEY ADMITTED they couldn't tell the difference between a pit bull and an Am Bull. And even within the same litter they can have different dads. None of these dogs are probably "pit bulls" - whose to say these aren't boxer lab mixes? Who the hells knows!?!?

To a larger point - THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PUBLIC SAFTEY. NHS helped Omaha pass this to bring in revenue for their CGC classes and fines.


A prime example of why I'm highly skeptical of the claim that '25% of shelters dogs are purebred'. The staff at most of these places have no clue how to identify breeds. Anything with a square head = pit. Anything that's black and tank = rott mix. etc etc.

The Pied Piper

It's been a few years since my last experience with NHS, but the Then versus Now comparison hasn't much improved apparently. Then, it was against their policy to take in (as from other shelters or rescues) any brindle dogs, no matter the breed appearance, regardless of the litter's quality (i.e. all but one was solid colored, showing indications of being greyhound mixes). Their reasoning was that any brindle dog would be labeled pit or pit mix, and according to them, vets in the area would tell any owners of brindle dogs to get rid of those dogs immediately. It seemed to me that this was a convenient way of distancing themselves from any responsibility to educate or advocate for shelter animals.

Since then I have been told by volunteers that the shelter has tentatively worked to try and find homes for a few pits and pit mixes, though the impression I got was that it was very sparingly.


Well written Brent! Thanks so much for writing this blog and for all of your advice and support(Omaha).


Thanks for the great blog on how stupid Omaha is. I wish they would think a little more like Lincoln is! In fact it would be nice if more city would think in such a way.



Interestingly, not only is Lincoln more fair in the way they approach their canine legislation, their dog bite numbers have been consistently dropping over the past at least 6 years. Meanwhile, Omaha's are up. So not only are they thinking right, it's working.


If these 4 aren't littermates, I'll eat my hat. That said, it is possible the dam of this litter was a Pitbull and the sire of 3 of the pups was also a Pitbull but the sire of the 4th pup was a Lab. POSSIBLE. But not bloody likely and I'll be damned if I can tell any difference among them.


Just walked through the NHS and viewed the adoptable dogs. Harriet and Lucy are still there. There were about a total of 7 or 8 "pit bulls" or "pit bull mixes". I was amazed at how some were deemed to have enough "pit bull" in them that they qualified for the restrictions, whereas another was "more boxer" or "more labrador" and didn't qualify for the restrictions. Not sure how they would enforce that out on the street. You can see many of these dogs on their website. Just ridiculous how they do breed identification for this BSL ordinance, but at least one good thing is that they are trying to adopt these dogs out.


I wish they would think a little more like Lincoln subsequently is! Actually it would be awesome if more town would think in such a way.

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