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November 04, 2009



Very nice to hear! Especially about Thompson who was clearly unfit to be a representative of her constituency (unless her constituents were straight from the loony bin).

selwyn marock

It sounds good to me when these Bastards get knocked out to me,"Look how I protected you from Family Pets" Gordon Brown who is only capable of giving away Taxpayer's money,he makes Tony "Bliar" look Kosher,another Idiot,Blow these Idiots out.

Andrew Rozsa

Thank you, thank, you, friend. I love to see cogent, fact-based pro-Pit commentary. It is unfortunate that so many of us Pit Bull advocates are strident, emotional, and lacking skills in presenting our perspectives in a reasonable and convincing fashion.

If you don’t mind, now and then, I will cite pieces of your articles on my blog:

Naturally, I will always give credit, where credit is due.

Keep up the good work.


Absolutely Andrew -- and nice website. I had not seen it before but I really like the info and interactivity of it.

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