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October 16, 2009



Really great series, Brent. I'm really looking forward to reading the book!

KC KS Kills Dogs

Brent this series was EXCELLENT!! I believe you deserve a writer's award for this one.

Thank you, thank you for all your hard work and sharing this with your readers.

I am definitely going to add this book to my library!!


fantastic series Brent... I wonder if you could "package" it as an article for a journal or something...

Brent Toellner

Thanks all. Emily, I've thought about what that would look like. I for sure want to have it in written form so I can get it up on the KCDA website. It's really long though -- and will take me a fair amount of editing to get it into a more reader-friendly format. Going to see if I can make that happen though at some point - -and what type of publication might be open to it.


Thank you, Brent--I enjoyed reading your series. I have also found that the books "Culture of Fear" and "Prisoners of Hate" are excellent reads for this sort of subject. Neither of them mention dogs at all, but the principles discussed in the books can be easily applied to the situation facing certain dog breeds and their owners.

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