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October 23, 2009


PAMM - People Against Mean Men

Sounds like Mike Schumacher...


" loves the law better than animals, and has a prejudice against pit bull breeds so entrenched he even kills puppies far too young to be considered vicious"

wow. You could hardly say anything more damning about an ACO (though it's all too typical).

Can we dare to hope this fiend's days in power are numbered?


I really hope there is a serious impetus to oust Skeldon. He's a disgraceful dog warden.


This is the best news I've seen in ages! To see that dog-hating killer sacked after so many years of tyranny is nothing like what he deserves for his ignominious conduct, and his bosses deserve their share of the blame for the length of time it was allowed to go on too, but at least Lucas County can expect to see the back of this evil idiot soon.
Kory Nelson and Colleen Lynn next hopefully...and Lord Kenneth Baker...Hugh Wirth...

Social Mange

Hooray for the Lucas County citizens who started this snowball. May it roll right over Skeldon and push him out of office. The animals in his jurisdiction have suffered too much for too long.


I am in Wood county and would be willing to take the pit bull puppies from the shelter and find rescue groups who might help me find homes for them ,but a recent moratorium has stopped the adoption of these puppies and is my understanding that they cannot be adopted but held at the dog wardens until they reach the 3 mo. age for euthanasia. This should be a crime in itself. Any suggestions are appreciated. The dog warden has taken it upon himself to impose a pit bull ban in lucas county and it is ludicrous to think that these puppies are dangerous in the hands of a responsible dog owner. In addition I have 4 rescues, one being a pit bull/lab mix.



The best I can say is to continue to put pressure on the county commissioners to hire a new warden that will actually make saving lives a priority. And then, when their terms come up, be sure to get better candidates in office than Skeldon-Wozniak and Peter Gerken. They are the ones who kept the getting new blood (outside of Konap) on the county commission is the best option, long term

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