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October 22, 2009



We WILL fight these monsters in the city council. These fascist pigs will be thrown out of office onto the streets unless they repeal the law. We will not falter!


I couldn't agree more. I work for a Dog DNA testing company and we have to tell people all the time that:

I am sorry, but the lab will not screen for "Pit Bull" even though the technology exists. Unfortunately, it is quite a litigious and controversial breed; there are too many shelters and individuals who will test for the breed and euthanize the dog. We do not want to be a part of that practice.

If you do perform the test, and the dog is a "Pit", the test will not be able to identify it and therefore it will not show up in the test results. However, any other breed found in your dog that matches the breeds in our database will be reported. Our breed database can be found at:

It is really sad that cities like this make that response necessary.

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