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October 24, 2009



looks like all the links have changed the text to pit bull. the dog looks brindle and ... that's about it?

i hate to say this, but i hate when this stuff happens in california. i hate when it happens at all, but i especially hate when it happens so close to home.

i'm so sorry for this family's loss.

Brent Toellner

Actually, you have to read down into the articles a little bit before they come clean on it being a mix...but it's there, just not on the first mention.


Brindle is an Akita color as well. This dog may well be 0% pit bull...


exactly- i'm saying, the only thing remotely resembling pit bull in that dog is the brindle. the resemblance ends there.


Of course YOU knew that but I wasn't sure! ;-)

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