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October 20, 2009


KC KS Kills Dogs

What a pertinent blog as we near the Oct 24, Sat., Luv-a-Bully March in KCMO at Penn Valley Dog Park (11am-2pm).

The Grand Marshalls leading the March this year are Kansas City, Kansas' very own villified citizens Tammy Clifton and Eric Owens and their "mixed mutt" Chance.

Tammy and Eric were caught in a similar battle as these other dog owners.

Eric's dog Chance was confiscated by KCK AC when the ACO was driving the city truck to the tanning salon next door to the diner Eric was eating lunch. His dog Chance was in the truck (since it was a nice day) and the officer marched into the diner and demanded to know whose dog was in the truck.

Eric and Tammy ended up being criminals having their beloved mixed mutt confiscated and incarcerated in the hell hole KCK city animal pound.

To get the release of their dog, Eric was forced to sign a "confession" admitting his dog was a pit bull - sound unbelievable and like something happening in a Communist country??

Chance stayed with friends a 100 miles from home, but Tammy and Eric footed the bill for Chance's boarding, ALL the legal fees, DNA tests, and took countless days off from work.

The court case dragged on for 8-9 months while Kansas City, KS's legal department played tricks and games and changed the entire playing field.

The legal dept even strode into Judge Ryan's court (yes Delia York of the legal dept took over a Judge's court) and insisted that the court proceedings stop; the DNA test that was about to be introduced as evidence was not going to be admissible anymore.

Yet another continuance ensued. A meeting was held in Judges Chambers weeks later with all of KCK AC, the then head of KCK AC, Capt Henry Horn, the city's legal dept., Judge Ryan, and the accused dog owners' lawyer. Finally the Judge informed the legal dept that they had to start proving these dogs were pit bulls. But going forward DNA tests would no longer be admissible in court.

The city's prosecutor had been winning these cases for 17 years with little effort. He had been introducing into evidence a "signed confession" from the dog owner and a blanket statement from the unofficial city vet - Dr John Swanson, "I believe the parents of the dog in question are pit bulls". When the prosecutor started losing these cases and when pet owners started to fight back in court; the prosecutor was more concerned about wins on his resume than court room justice.

At the final court trial, Tammy and Eric had to bring witnesses to testify their dog Chance was a mixed mutt. The witnesses they brought were two KCMO vets and Tammy (who is a dog groomer and prof dog trainer). The prosecutor only had the city vet. The KCK ACO decided to skip court that day - the ticketing officer was conveniently MIA. The Judge was going to declare yet another continuance, when Tammy and Eric's lawyer had to throw a fit.

After 3 weeks the Judge finally handed down his decision Chance could return home, he was indeed just a "mixed mutt".

I wonder how much tax money was spent to satisfy a failed ACO system and the legal dept's egos?

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