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October 26, 2009



If you support mandatory spay/neuter what you really mean is that you support killing unaltered animals. Its Death Legislation plain and simple.

I still think the main reason people continue to support MSN despite the evidence is they think "Hey, we may kill them now but fewer animals will be around to reproduce later" and that the ends justifies the means. They also blame the owner - not the law that justifies killing as somehow in the best interest of the animal.

It disgusts me that these people call themselves animal welfare advocates or animal lovers and yet actively support their killing thru MSN/BLS/Pet limits/ arbitrary adoption reqs, etc. Shouldn't those in the AW world take a hypocratic oath much like the medical profession to first and foremost DO NO HARM!?


Agreed, Michelle. And thank you, Brent for this update. I have been out of the loop for awhile, scared to even try to catch up, but this piece covers a lot and I appreciate it!

We (thru the KCDA booth, thank you) spoke kind of briefly w/ Lenexa Animal Control at the Lenexa Tails on Trails & Dog Swim not long ago. We were not able to discuss No Kill at any length -- this officer was very busy that day. But she did take the time to tell us that when licensing pets, they strongly encourage folks to list more than 1 phone number on the tags. I believe she said that 3 is optimum.

Often, the owner is at work or not at home when an animal gets loose and must be picked up. So too often, no one can be reached by the phone number on the tag. Adding the phone number of a relative and/or neighbor/friend will help AC return the animal home without a trip to the shelter.

Maybe you have already covered this, and if so, I apologize -- but we were pretty impressed with this AC officer's enthusiasm for getting a pet back home w/ the least amount of trauma and expense to everyone.

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