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September 27, 2009


Julie Perry

I am in Horn Lake MS.
I will keep my eyes on this, but let me tell you what Mrs.Barbara personally said to me in our conversation.
She told me that she is very dissapointed with 24 news because they edited her story and put their own spin on it.
She told me that she made herself very clear to the reporter that she didnt want any breed banned, she just wants ALL dog owners regardless of their breed, to be more responsible and not let their pets roam. Barbara will hold a meeting with the alderman, and I will be right there to back her up, if she is pushing for ALL dog owners to be more responsible. I will also speak out if she is asking for bsl.
Our alderman are dog lovers, and I do not think it would pass through them.



You comment on NYC housing Breed Banning was a little off.

If you have a law that states any dog over 25 pounds is not allowed, is that not fair for everyone?

Your not targeting certain types of animals only ones larger than 25 pounds....seems fair to me.

Case in point the 28 pound poodle which needs to go.

Brent Toellner

The NYC public housing policy applies to both specific breeds AND dogs over 25 lbs...which is a bit redundant. While all dogs over 25 lbs is not breed specific -- true - it certainly seems like a pretty dramatic overarching law don't you think?

PAMM - People Against Moronic Men

I really hate to resort to name calling/feeding the trolls but Doug is an idiot to a level I can't bite my tongue. That is about the single most idiotic post he's written...a 28 lb poodle gets the needle and you think that's FAIR!? Or do you think all these dogs that can't find home get their own govt assisted doggie housing complex?


Thank you for the link to the editorial about Tess the pitbull who changed one writer's opinion about the breed. Sounds like she was a very sweet dog. Makes me want to go rescue one right now. Maybe some day.

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