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September 28, 2009



All its going to take is for someone to have a security camera set up in the back yard, and then have a child wander in the yard and a pit bull attack like it is attacking a cat.

And there is going to be pit bull bans set up across the country. This reactionary ban will not be good for anyone.

Brent Toellner

You're right Doug -- no one whens with reactionary bans because they end up being 100% based on emotion with very little logic or rational thinking thrown in. Fortunately in Virginia, they have a law the prevents breed specific laws...which is why preventing bans at a statewide level is a good idea.

PAMM - People Against Malformed Mutts

"All its going to take..." WTF? Pit bull bans have been going on for the past 20 plus years and breed bans have been going on since the 1800s.


I really hate reading stories about "pitbull attacks". Although it is tragic all is does is fuel public outrage and fear against this lovable breed. I have two wonderful pitbulls that would lick you to death before they ever bit you. I work in the healthcare field and have seen my share of dog attacks. I always ask what breed was involved just to see what people say. Not once have I received the answer pitbull. I have heard german shepherd, akita, labrador, etc. ANY dog can bite but the only ones that make a "good" story are pitbulls. Just once I wish they would do a show on the pitbulls that are used as service and therapy animals so people would see a different side of this breed.


I have a pit bull and as a responsible owner, I take care not to leave anyone (especially children) unattended with him. He is the most loving and gentle dog I have ever owned. In fact, my new kitten enjoys sneak attackes on him and he does nothing in return to the kitten. It is truly all in how you raise them!


This will be one of those "We Told You So" stories for the brain-dead media.

They'll be saying the dog has suddenly 'switched' as Pit Bulls are 'KNOWN' to do!

What would your mental state be after 10 years of being chained by the neck in some clown's back yard? Why have a dog at all if that's all you think of him?

That dog would have been deeply unhappy, deeply depressed and deeply frustrated. The only thing to boggle about is how he held it together for so long.


It's sad, and something that was bound to happen, given the circumstances.

Amy Greer

I agree with Erica, Lisa and Karen. I too own a Pitbull whom I rescued. He is a nice family dog, whom my 5 year old son rides like a horse. My biggest complaint with him is that he is an attention hog and is always underfoot wanting more. He's a good boy and he is very devoted to us. However, he didn't come that way. It takes training, patience, love, research and a bit of intelligence. Unfortunately the not so bright are often attracted to the breed and do not learn from other people's fatal mistakes. Every time another story like this comes on the news I cringe and say "Please don't let it be a pitbull." I find what Erica says interesting about the dog attack victims are claiming other breeds attack them. I'd like to know where are the statistics on this stuff? If you look up statistics on dog bites you come across biased websites from people advocating breed specific legislation and claiming pitbulls are monsters; such as this one.
This stuff really angers me. Every time it happens, every time, we find out a few days or weeks down the road there was abuse, the dogs were inbred, there were dead dogs in a trailer stuffed in bags, the dogs were used for fighting etc. etc... They are not just naturally like this. It goes against their true nature to attack people. I honestly think if someone broke into my house my dog would go up and try to convince them to pet him. He could be stolen right out of my house he's so friendly. However, I never tie him to a tree. I never leave my son unattended with him in the yard or even in the house. I never leave him alone for longer than a few hours. He is a member of our family. I got him for that reason. Why else have a dog? Wake up people before more children have to die. Do some research before you get a dog and for God's sake treat him with love and respect. You will get it back!


its the parents fault. why would you let your almost 2 year old child wander outside and go up to a dog?????? what part do the parents really have in this? must not have cared much about their kid to not watch her.

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