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September 24, 2009



Now if shelters will actually adopt pets to people...

KC KS Kills Dogs

Yes that is the next hurdle to cross. Even I can't adopt a dog from most of these places...evil person I am, have an unaltered female legally registered at home, so she can compete in shows.

Some local shelters won't adopt if you have noticeable tatoos and piercings. None the less that shelter's best friends group isn't much of a friend to the dogs/cats in that location.


These two ad are great. Thanks for linking to them. I've only recently seen the Ad Council's "What if America wasn't America" spots and thought they were quite well done.

Brent Toellner

The Ad Council has done a great job over the years of bringing light to particular issues in this country. They really do a great job -- and have consistently done so for a number of years.


I may possibly be the only dissenter here...

I was really looking forward to this ad campaign, and the participants have been hyping it for nearly a year now... but these look like somebody's college media studies class project. There's nothing particularly interesting or memorable about them. I'm finding them pretty disappointing.

The website is also confusing, disorganized, and extremely heavy on the bandwidth-sucking flash animation. Try the "pet personals" section - some of the questions are downright nonsensical.


OK, went to the website and those pet personal questions are nonsensical. "How often do you wear black?" I like what they are trying to do - keep people that can only handle couch potatoes from seeing a cute Jack Russel and adopting it and it not working out. Media is supposed to be geared to an 8th grade level...they might need to bring it down a notch and give a non-flash option.

Interestingly, every dog that came up on my search was a pit bull except one vizla.

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