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September 01, 2009



Will this never end, seriously? The magnitude of this misreporting is unbelievable. It kills me when anti-pit bull people act like media bias is dubious, at best. I mean, come onnnn... how can people not see through this nonsense by now? And how can the media continue to pull this same old stupid crap over and over?

Don't worry, rhetorical questions.

Social Mange

You can now spell main stream media, "mediocre".

KC KS Kills Dogs

Remember back in the day when the "rags" by the grocery store checkout stand carried papers such as The Enquirer? All the stories in those "rags" were more ridiculous than the next;alien stories were always their forte. (And yes these papers are still alive and kicking)

IMO all of the media has sunk to the same lows at those "rags". The days of true investigative reporting that actually meant something, are long gone.


Yes, it's a shame, but true. The people we used to know as journalists are long gone.

They've been replaced by a media that is a profit-seeking business first, a reliable source of information second. I often wonder if the newsies even realize how much editorializing they do when supposedly reporting. I think part of the reason for this is the concentration of media into fewer and fewer hands. We need more of the old-time independent newspapers and local TV stations but I doubt they will come back now.

Most of the people I know pretty much discount reporting by mainstream media outlets. But the people I know aren't exactly mainstream types.


I just stumbled on your blog while looking for a rescue dog to adopt and I had to tell you how refreshing your posts are.

Two days ago I went to my local SPCA to look at available dogs. I saw a Weimaraner that seemed like a lovely dog. I wanted to visit with it in the Meeting Room to see if she would be a good fit for adoption. When I asked a volunteer to see her I was informed I couldn't unless my adoption application had been pre-approved because she was a pit bull. I asked them how they determined the breed (I'm fairly dog savvy and have seen many William Wegman greeting cards in my day).

They said her coat and build were that of a pit bull (she has a short, silver-grey coat and a tall muscular build similar to a Labrador). I asked why her being a "pit" meant I needed to be pre-screened. They told me they had to be sure I could handle an aggressive breed and that it was legal to own a pit bull in my town. The entire experience was extremely frustrating and ridiculous.

I understand that they need to ensure people are obeying the law and are adopting dogs responsibly, but I have a hard time believing a volunteer staff of high school aged students can correctly identify the breeds of the dozens of dogs that come in each week.

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