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September 08, 2009



People shouldnt ban pit bulls its not the breed its the people who own them and raise them for fighting. I have to pitbulls myself and have been fine for the past two years, and yes when I was a kid i got attacked by a pitbull, and in my teen years i got attacked by a boxer my moms dashound bit me seven times in ten years we had him. so it goes to show that little dogs can be just as bad as bigger breeds depending on how you rasie them.

Heather B

Yes please have a look at whats happening to Mr Bryant here in Ontario, Canada . Its called Karma.
This is the man that said `` all pitbulls were ticking time bombs`` . It seems this guys temper ended up killing an innocent human being and he has now hired Navigator to make it all look peachy keen and rosy.
I personally hope they fry his ass in court. He is directly responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent dogs in Ontario.

Social Mange

Anyone who supports a breed ban is an irrational, unthinking moron.

Or a megalomaniac who thinks to climb to power on the backs of dead dogs and the rights of the dogs' owners.

That includes the members of the McGuinty Liberal government who voted in favour of the province's unjust, unfounded, vague, shoddy and fiscally irresponsible breed specific legislation.

selwyn marock

Bryant on his release on a charge that may or may not be in the Canadian lawbooks,probably
they will ban his car.
But he had no alcohol blood test and never
had to attend a bail hearing.The cops had about 10 witnesses that saw him attacking
the poor victim with his soon to be banned
breed of automobile,now the cops are out hunting for a 100 witnesses that did not see him.At the police station Bryant's 1st call was to a lawyer,2nd call to a PR co.
Navigator to protect his "good name" and to
demonise the victim's.His next move will
probably be again to buy the judiciary which
I beleive are already in his pocket,by the end of the story it will appear that the
dead victim attacked Bryant with an AK 47
and a couple of hand-grenades
Justice will not be served.

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