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August 24, 2009



I'm still trying to figure out why so many communities are measuring a breed ban's "success" by every factor except, you know, reduction of dog bites.

We see the policy-makers trumpeting similar so-called "successes" in Omaha, Denver, and Lucas County, OH. As if writing tons of citations and euthanizing thousands of dogs are guaranteed to make us safe from vicious dogs.

But, shhh, don't talk about their dog bite stats.

Rock on, Brent!

Brent Toellner

Add to that Jennife even the places like Council Bluffs, IA, who insist that their law has been a success because pit bull bites have gone down. It's like they've ignored what everyone has told them that it is an owner issue and not a dog issue, and when these idiots own other breeds of dogs they will then become problems. So Council Bluffs gets pit bull bites to go down, but bites by other large breeds grow to replace them and total bites have not changed. Is that success? No. But at some point these people have quit being about public safety and more about defending their point of view.


Very interesting topic.

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