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August 08, 2009



someone better clue them in that the essential concept behind performance- based measurement is to produce good OUTCOMES (i.e. better treatment of stray animals) and not just to hike OUTPUTS (i.e. numbers of things you can count).

What they're doing is the classic perverse result of poorly designed performance systems.


To your list of better ways to measure performance from the previous entry, how about

--feral cats trapped, neutered and returned to colonies
--new volunteers recruited from communities to assist with TNR and colony maintenance

Imagine, if each of those AC officers recruited or helped get just one new feral cat volunteer up and running in places needed per month, or even every second or third month, and provided assistance taking captured ferals to a clinic in cases where transportation was a barrier.

To that end, providing transport to a few dogs or cats to s/n clinics for those who cannot drive sounds one hell of a lot better to me than having to seek out animals to impound

Brent Toellner


You're killing me. Yes, that would make great sense. Unfortunately, that's a whole different law we need to deal with. In KCMO, if you feed an animal more than once, that animal becomes an "owned" animal. So someone who feeds a feral cat colony essentially assumes "ownership" of that colony. Then, they become guilty of the city's pet limit laws by "owning" more than the city limit of 4 pets. Not only are they not working with feral cat caretakers like you would suggest, they're actually prosecuting them...


Gah, that's the scenario that makes limit laws and MSN so B-A-D for cats, and anyone who cares about reducing killing.

At some point, ACs decided to work against people and embrace such a negative, punitive attitude. And so hows that been workin?

I know, rhetorical question here!

In Sacramento, we have many of our breed rescue foster homes. Rescue and the breed club have a great relationship, and many of our fosters also have show dogs which of course are intact. Sacramento's animal ordinance is very draconian and expensive to comply with if you have an intact pet, no matter why.

Friends found out, last year, that the line in the sand on the limit law is interpreted VERY literally. They were watching two dogs for a friend for one week. A neighbor turned them in. The ACO told them that the limit on the property was the limit. Additional dogs could not visit, stay or put foot on without violating the law which could mean fines and revocation of fanciers permits or intact licensing. Calls to the AC director have confirmed that this is policy and will be enforced.

So anyone now who picks up a stray, brings home feral kittens or takes in a dog for rescue or from someone in an emergency situation in Sac could be fined and punished if they already have pets in the home. Ditto on the breeders who take lifetime responsibility for dogs or cats and will take them back at anytime in their lives.

This policy means fewer willing to help or get involved, fewer homes, more animals funneled into the shelters and more people opting out and dodging detection by not licensing pets. Another brilliant idea that needs to be done away with but the AC defends with vitriol. Oy.

KC KS Kills Dogs

I have never understood how Mike Schumacher could oversee AC in KC?

Not just Schumacher, but no city management have ever been in the field learning from the many volunteers who participate in inner city dog programs, inner city rabies shot clinics, or inner city s/n clinics about effective AC solutions.

And I sure don't recall any KCMO city management attending KC Dog Advocate's Canine Legislation conference a few years back, where they would have had the opportunity to hear the wonderful Bill Bruce of Calgary, Alberta Canada speak about effective AC!!!

Social Mange

This is all starting to sound like what you'd hear after falling down the rabbit hole. KC city management obviously has no idea of how to rate employee performance or establish intelligent performance standards, and has absolutely no care for the animals.

KC taxpayers should start asking how ALL city employees are rated on performance, if this asinine example is typical of the thought process throughout the KC bureaucracy.

KC KS Kills Dogs

Here's some updates to the new performance measurements - Wednesdays KCMO AC goes out and confiscates any animals that are not licensed or those animals that are at a home over the pet limit.

Also KCMO AC is darting dogs rather than properly using catch poles. You might want to check into Missouri State laws that might be illegal.

So is darting dogs rather than using a catch pole part of the new performance measurements too? When did the field officers become proficient in using the drugs involved in darting a dog?

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