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August 19, 2009



I'd love to read the rest of that article but I can't get the link to work. Help?

Brent Toellner

Hmmm Julie. It appears to be down. I'll try to figure out what the deal is.

Brent Toellner

Ok, apparently Best Friends recently moved their site to a new server and have, on occassion, experienced technical difficulties. So try back at some point tomorrow and if it's not up, let me know and I'll contact them again...

I hope you get a chance to catch the article. Lisa did a great job with it.

KC KS Kills Dogs

I read the article before the server issues. Good job Brent!!! Way to go K C Dog Advocates!!

Somedays it seems like this battle will never end, but you just have to keep plugging along with fact and science.

Brent Toellner

The story does appear to be back up -- so read away!

Thanks KC KS KD


Great article!

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