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August 11, 2009


Leesburg local

These dogs had horrible temperaments. They NEVER should have been bred. This shouldn't become a pit bull thing. Those dogs were treated like garbage, and acted how they were kept.

Julie Perry

You are right, I have not saw the first poll on banning other breeds.
Look at this blog Ive been keeping of other breed attacks.
People wouls be shocked!

Audrey Sullivan

My husband and I rescued a 3 mos. old American Bull Terrior from the shelter in February. He goes to doggy daycare once a week for socialization and passed school with flying colors. We let our 1, 2 and 7 year old grand daughters play with him (the two year old is annoyed by the licking but tolerates it). The day care manager told me he has one major problem..."he's just too darn happy!" I don't care what the breed, dogs are not and have never been the problem. People are the problem. A dog raised with love will return it. A dog raised neglectfully or in an atmosphere of violence, will return it. I think people that cannot prove responsible ownership should be banned. I've been bitten twice in my life ~ once by a collie and once by a standard poodle...


Great blog, Julie. I'll add you to my sidebar at Caveat and mention the blog in a post.

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