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July 07, 2009


gretchen meyer

Thanks for this update! Do you have a link to the Star article?

Brent Toellner

I forgot the link! I'm now included it in the article. Here's the link too, just in case:

Tom K

Good leadership in any job is important. I know from experiences that some places would greatly benefit just from supplying their maintenance people with what they need when they need it, and if someone just looks around, there is a lot that can be done.

Has anyone else noted the hypocrisy of busting so-called puppy mills and moving them into worse conditions at the shelters? All of those should be taken care of on-site and a lot of reform needs to be done in that area, not that it stuck when it was reformed before.


AMEN Tom! Not only worse condition but they either die there or other animals die to make space for them - that is NOT "saving". I've been meaning to contact the AG and talk to him about cracking down on municiple shelters the same way. There is some loop hole that they are governed by Fed. law and not state statues...its all very confusing.

Even Mike Vick - what he did was horrendous but cities such as Denver, KCK and even KCMO are rounding up "pit bulls" and anything that looks like them and killing them by the thousands...

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