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July 29, 2009



excellent; right on.

IF (I say IF) he acknowledged his guilt in regard to the animal cruelty acts (which he pled not guilty, and was NOT charged for)... which were actually far worse than the dogfighting cruelty.. then I might be willing to forgive. But NOTHING he has done/said so far indicates any remorse, or understanding of his crime. You can bet if he had any, his friends would have leaked some stories, despite whatever gag order he was under.


If Mike Vick was being reinstated as a shelter manager, I would be really upset. I fail to see what football has to do with animals. I personally do not care if Mike Vick is reinstated in football and I do not think that athletes are role models. Do kids want to be athletes? Sure. They want the money, fame and to be able to make a living playing games. Who wouldn't?

I HATE what Mike Vick did or allowed to happen or whatever the true circumstances were in his case. I hate dog fighters and I love pit bulls and I love dogs period. I completely support No Kill and have my own No Kill organization. I just do not think he was ever a role model anymore than the guys who cheat on their wives, rape staff help in hotels then deny it and buy their wives million dollar rings then turn around and say well I can see why the gal felt raped even though I did not rape her, die passed out drunk by the hand of their depressed lover while their wives are home with their children just days after her getting arrested with you in the car while she is "high", using steroids. lying about using steroids, betting on games against their team, cowboys getting busted with guns trying to get on airplanes, DENNIS RODMAN, Rhoid raging and abusing/killing your wife and kid, etc. etc. etc. There are a hell of a lot of pigs in sports, always have been and Mike Vick is just one of them.

I know that is not popular right now because you are supposed to be upset that Mike is going to play football, but I do not care if he plays football.

I hate HSUS and I believe that Mike Vick owes his restitution instead to the people who save his dogs, rehabilitated them, found them good homes, gave up hours and hours of time and love and money and food and everything they have to save these dogs.

HSUS just wanted to get rid of his evidence and Wayne P is the one who should be hated in my opinion.


Your thoughts are my thoughts exactly. Even though you and I may not consider Vick a role model, some people do. Some kids do. Some adults do. What message are they getting from this? That fame shelters you? That it's okay to commit heinous acts, because even if you get caught, the punishment won't be so bad, and you can pick up where you left off after an insincere apology?

I hope Vick isn't signed anywhere. I hope he has to work a regular job and live a normal life. He's a muscular guy. He'd do just fine in the construction industry.

PAMM - People Against Malicious "Men"

The firefighter that lost his job because he shot his dogs is fighting to get his job back, saying his dismissal was a result of politics, not because he screwed up at work. Maybe he and Michael Vick can start a support group.

Robert Garnett

Micheal Vick should have no problem finding a job. There are plenty of Cosmetic Pharmaceutical companies, the Military, and Universities who would love to have a person of Vick's qualifications to work in their animal testing programs. But he might have to work for a time on a farm team(slaughter house) to resharpen his skills.

Social Mange

The NFL has proven its moral corruption with Vick's reinstatement. It's only about the money, honey.

Neila Gelvin

Ia'm sure that the only reason Vick even considered apologizing is because he was caught! Had he not been caught, I would be willing to bet he would still be torturing,
killing and fighting those dogs to this day!
I would never watch a game of any kind with Vick playing in it. He should have to spend at least 5 years in a shelter, cleaning up pens and caring for dogs....all the while being closely supervised.

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