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July 10, 2009



Do you have any experience with the folks at Missouri Humane (not affiliated with HSUS)? My sources give them a thumbs up for their past work.. but I'm concerned, giving Wayne's need to get his pound of pitbull flesh, that they might allow him to influence them too much.

Marthina McClay

KC says,
"Meanwhile, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the other side of this coin. While it is great that the busts happened and the dogs were rescued from their horrible circumstances, articles are now popping up talking about how "widespread" dog fighting is."

Amen brotha! ....and let's keep putting the dogs into therapy and other activities over and over and brag, brag, brag!
Our Pack

Marthina McClay

Oops I meant to copy this quote not the other. Not sure how that happened.

"Let's prosecute those responsible. Let's evaluate the victims. And let's figure out the next steps from there. Let's not doom them to death until the appropriate evaluations are taken, Wayne."

Sue Cosby

Hey do you know what role HSUS played in this? From what I had heard (and it shows in the picture) the ASPCA took the lead with HSMO. Just curious. Haven't had time to research this one.


Pacelle pretty much admits that the HSUS not up to the job, and history backs that up. He doesn't even want to try.

What does Best Friends say? What does BAD RAP say? I doubt you'd hear anyone there making doom and gloom self-fulfilling prophesies about killing dogs.

If HSUS isn't up to it, they should turn over any funds they raise to someone who has the skills and experience to do it.

Brent Toellner

Sue -- I'm not sure. Wayne is of course taking full credit on this one -- but it is pretty unclear at this point. ASPCA definitely involved. HS of MO is definitely involved. Not sure on HSUS.

Emily, I haven't dealt a lot with HS of Missouri. My overall impression is that they do pretty good work (although some have criticized them for being a little "overzealous" at times - especially with the puppy mill issues), but I do think they will try to do right by the dogs. They seem to be pretty consistent on this one...


The Humane Society of Missouri, has no affilation with HSUS. Don't worry, they (HSMO) are quite aware of HSUS's stance on pit bulls. HSMO has worked with BAD RAP in the past on other dog fights busts in MO. I trust HSMO to keep HSUS out of the loop on this one , as I have worked with HSMO many times.


Were the organizations involved with the Vick dogs invited to participate this time? I suspect not. Perhaps I had a miscommunication (I'm trying to be diplomatic) but when I emailed BF yesterday about the siezed dogs, it was news to them. That's just ridiculous. I hope the HSUS has nothing to do with evaluating these dogs and I hope that the same groups and individuals who participated in evaluating the Vick dogs are allowed to do so this time. Did we not learn from before? HSUS go home. Let people who are trying to save these dogs do the work and make recommendations to the court.


This is great news. I'm really excited that I heard about it first from ASPCA, and it's annoying that HSUS has swooped in and tried to claim the glory.

I got in a bit of a twitter war with the HSUS recently about their dog fighting dogs and BSL stance. Of course, they say they are against BSL and that they believe dog fighting dogs deserve to be evaluated not just euthanized. We all know that actions speak louder than words...

Marthina McClay

Our Pack has also worked with HSMO on the Stoddard County case. Our therapy dog Zoe came from that case. They are great and Debbie Hill is fair and generally wants to help the dogs. They were great to work with and have had success with these dogs in the past.
Our Pack


oh great, Lookwood/ASPCA is right there with Wayne: "“Many if not most of the animals will be euthanized. They have medical or behavioral issues that prevent them from being placed in homes,” said Lockwood of the ASPCA. “The greatest kindness that might be shown to them is a humane death.”

They'll save a token few and then they'll blame the pit bull community for not "stepping up to the plate", as if a scattered bunch of volunteers could ingest 400 dogs just like that

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