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July 20, 2009


Clint Cora

One of the things I love about the city I live in which is Mississauga (next to Toronto, Canada) is the availability of our leash free dog parks. We have a population of about 668 K and about seven leash free parks of various sizes. Some are smaller but some are quite large. Some are contained within larger public parks and some are completely on their own in isolation.


Clint, that, sadly is the biggest miss we have had with dog parks in our community is that our city leaders fail to see the possibilities of small, neighborhood off-leash areas and think that all dog parks need to be huge, 5 acre areas. It's a big missed opportunity here and I'm envious of places like Mississauga that are more progressive in this area.

Dog Tracking

We could always use more dog parks. Where I live out in Massachusetts, there are almost none :(

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