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July 03, 2009



Well another MAN was killed by his 2 Pet Pit Bulls Today (or at least that is what is currently being reported).

I can see kids getting killed by being in the wrong place at the wrong time....but when a grown man gets killed, you have to pause and say that these dogs are powerful animals and should only be allowed to responsible owners....

We let almost all Americans have the right to own a hand gun....yet we dont allow all americans to own fully automatic weapons or .50 caliper sniper rifiles.

Brent Toellner

I'm waiting to report on this until at least the autopsy is done. I'd rather get the accurate information on what all went on vs the speculation that is being reported at this point.

When adults get killed, it usually involves multiple dogs. In fact, last year, of the 8 fatalities that involved a person over the age of 6, all of them involved multiple dogs -- and involved 5 different breeds of dogs.

Of the 5 fatalities involving adults this year, 4 of them involved multiple dogs (2 involved more than 6). None of the dogs involved have been 'pit bulls'. The one solo dog was a Great Dane.

So it sort of blows your idea that 'pit bulls' are somehow unique out of the water. As if I need to do that...any time you make a stupid weapons analogy, you barely deserve as much of a response as I gave you. More than 30,000 people a year die from gun shots, about 20 die from dogs. There really is no comparison.


I my years of following your have changed my views toward pit bulls being wild killing machines....

My current view is that people drive these dogs to do this....and as such criminals should not be allowed to own pit bulls....

How ever in this latest would appear that the two pit bulls were just plane ole killing machines.

Brent Toellner

I think there are a lot of unanswered questions with this case. There were 5 dogs in the home, one of them ended up dead. The person who was killed wasn't the owner of the dogs, and the two 'pit bulls' were apparently usually kept outside.

So the questions would come up:

Were the dogs socialized with the smaller indoor dogs? It would appear as if the answer was no, given that the pug-mix was found dead. It wouldn't be uncommon for a dog, regardless of breed, to be aggressive toward an unfamiliar dog.

Had the dogs shown aggression toward the dog before?

The case seems pretty similar to a couple of other cases recently where the dogs got in a fight (one, in particular, involving a 74 year old woman and an Australian Shepherd mix and a Golden Retriever/Lab mix that had had past problems fighting with each other and she ended up getting bitten and killed while trying to break up the two dogs).

It seems as if this is a pretty common way for attacks to happen -- when someone is trying to break up a fight between two of their dogs. "Killing machines" doesn't seem to quite fit here....and I think not talking about being aware of problems between your dogs as a potential problem is doing the whole subject, and improving public safety, a diservice.

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