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June 13, 2009



We had a dog shooting here a couple weeks ago too, this time it was a pit bull.

From the way things have been going lately, maybe the owner of this pit bull was wrong when he said if it had been a collie or a golden it wouldn't have been shot.... Of course, keeping your dog on a leash would have prevented the whole situation in the first place. Sigh.

Franny Ward

Cops today are indoctrinated to be cold callous killers, who's enemy is the public and their pets. Gone are the days of Officer Friendly. Welcome to Amerika.


Being a police officer is one of the tougher jobs there is. Not many of us literally put our lives at risk every day. I know I sure don't. But it just seemst that a lot of them don't really consider a dog's life to be all that valuable and just collatoral damage....and I hope we can teach them that shoot as a last resort should apply to animals too.

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