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June 05, 2009



Gah! Same logic as general MSN. It has never once succeeded in doing what is promised, saving money and lives.

No it costs MORE and usually lads to MORE killing.
Even so called successes like Santa Cruz where eventually killing decreased are BS. Santa Cruz was outperformed by all it's neighbors, including much more populous ones.

Meanwhile I have a new rescue from Lake Co. CA, where they have had MSN for over 5 years and are killing at four times the national average per capita.

But if I campaign against MSN and SB250, I am accused of being a greedy breeder and not caring about the deaths.

No sorry, knowing what I know I am morally obligated to scream bloody murder because the law will KILL MORE PETS.

It really does become incredibly tiring after a time. But all the emotional chest banging from the pro-MSN folks and all the propaganda from the pro-BSL forces does not change the facts. MSN and BSL do not work in real world situations. Will be abused. And will cost money and kill more dogs and cats.


Ya know it never ceases to amaze me as to how simple minded people truly are. It is not the dogs that are bad it is the way they are raised. I was raised around pit bulls and NEVER once was bitten. The owners of these supposed "bad dogs" are the ones that need to be punished and that is all depending on the findings. Whether be that someone trespassed on their property and the dog was protecting or whether some antagonized the dog to make it react. For those of you that believe in the "dangerous breeds" you need to have yourself put down!


Brent, I e-mailed this link earlier, but thought I'd post it here for anyone else who's interested in Indianapolis. There's another well-meaning animal welfare agency supporting MSN/BSL in Indy:

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