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June 30, 2009



Silly bill, sillier that it's flown through Senate.

Silliest is that the Hayden Act may be repealed, saving the state a measly 24 million buckaroos. That's it.

While I'd love to see most dogs spayed and neutered, a state-imposed mandate isn't the route, especially not amidst our significantly shocking inability to balance a fricking budget.

Still, I can't help but cringe every time the opposition comes out. I've sat through these hearings and it's painful to hear. Even more painful is when they decide to traipse into another hearing room to oppose your bill, on principle, not because it's a bad bill. So, I'm not a huge fan of the vocal opposition, as *my* general principle, but mandatory castration is not a fair, viable or effective method of reducing euthanasia or unwanted animals being born.



I can understand your point of view, but do not lump all the opposition together. While some of the vocal opponents may be there "on principal" plenty of others are opposed to specific bills because their own research has led them to believe that they need opposition.

And unfortunately as todays hearing and vote demonstrates, facts and logic don't always cut muster. "Shouting" together loudly and with many and varied voices, from people with many and varied ideologies, seems to sometimes get the right message through.


ACR 74 in California, and it's truly progressive author, need support.

This is a resolution to ask shelters in California to work towards the premise and policies of No-Kill.

Just a resolution! Not a law and yet the traditional sheltering regimes are hammering on it.

Please let the assemblyman know that there is wide spread growing support for No-Kill and if people are in California or work with organizations that work there or are National in nature or have supporters in CA, please let the B&P Committee know they can partially redeem themselves from todays fiasco by voting for something that truly represents a life saving reform.

Of course you should phrase your letters a bit more diplomatically!

ACR 74, as introduced, Portantino. Animal shelters: No Kill movement policies.

Send your letters of support for ACR 74 to the Assembly B&P Committee and to Assemblymember Portantino. I did.


What would be wrong with opposing a bill "on principle"?
In this case the principle being that S/N is a medical decision that should be made by a pet owner, not by the state.


I think she means something like when people opposed the abolition of slavery, NOT because they supported slavery but because they opposed the Federal Govt telling the states what to do.

Some people think dogs are out property and the govt shouldn't tell us what to do with our property - taking it so far to oppose anti-cruelty laws. Ignoring the fact they can already make us mow our lawns or we get fined.

I'm not a big fan of govt intrusion in our lives, but I'm not an anarchist either. That being said I do oppose a lot of things 'on principle' although I like to think I have facts backing me up.

R - please correct me if I'm wrong.


Thanks for this. I have sent this to my family and friends in CA.

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