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June 27, 2009



I am hugely relieved that Mr. Shelton's dog was released to him, but saddened that Lakewood city councillors are still so stupid that Mr. Shelton had to move to avoid harassment. Morons.


Just more proof that "breed" bans have nothing to to do with "breed."

It becomes more and more unbelievable that courts accept cities regulating dogs by appearance rather than behavior.


It is coming to light that there is a racial component to this as well. We recently got word of an African-American couple who had a papered Boxer puppy in their car at drug store parking lot in Lakewood being harassed by the police over the dog law. They fortunately were not Lakewood residents and I hope they never patronize another Lakewood business until the law is changed and the mayor and council have been removed from office.


Exactly Dawn. Lakewood residents need to be mobilizing NOW and get these yahoos voted OUT!

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