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June 23, 2009



Have you ever thought about sending your analyses of misreportings and other stories to news stations? Maybe putting a spin on it that they'll go for that wont make them "look bad" but still get good info out?

Brent Toellner

Yeah - I've thought about it -- and if I didn't have a full time job I might make the time to do it. But as of right now, I have not nearly enough time to send this out to all of the media outlets out there that deserve it :) My hope though is that people in the community are inspired by something I write from time to time and do it themselves...


I see!


The problem is that the media really isn't interested in correcting the misconceptions. They've found a way to make 'dog bites man' newsworthy.

Maybe if people started pressuring advertisers and cancelling subscriptions to repeat offenders, but until that's losing them more readers/viewers than it's gaining them, it's probably not going to make much difference.


Great post, Brent. Thank you, as always, for just the right blend of anger and truth at our unfortunate reality.

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