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June 12, 2009


KC KS Kills Dogs

While I admire the work all these groups are doing, particularly "Karen Sands" of the local Humane Society of Greater Kansas City; none of these professionals or volunteers regularly attend AC court to see who is really being targeted.

AC is still wasting gobs of time and money on hauling in dogs that poor people can't afford to alter, feral cats that have caretakers, KS licensed rescue and foster homes are busted, and of course any dog that has a boxy head with a muscular body is confiscated.

The MSN has literally chased out the show dog folks of this community. Those are the folks that would provide money, knowledge and support to Karen Sands and the Humane Society of Greater KC's efforts. Too many groups like that firmly and wrongly believe MSN had to be in place to make people comply with s/n.

The MSN is also in violation of the State of KS Pet Animal Act. That act dictates that public shelters s/n the animals in their care before adopting them out to the general public; and that makes sense.

The AC officers in the field for the most part, are woefully ignorant and lazy. Instead of spending more time educating the neighborhoods most in need, they prey on certain zipcodes that will generate the most revenue in AC fines with the least amount of resistance.

Until the head of AC, the Ray of Hope group understands the importance of fair and enforceable legislation aimed at the problem, they will continue to have to work extra hard at placing animals in rescues and homes that already had "good" homes.

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