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May 15, 2009



I'd love to see the phrase "potentially dangerous" go away. They are dogs, technically ALL dogs are "potentially" dangerous.

Untrained dogs, unsocialized dogs, dogs raised to be confused child substitutes, dogs with actual serious mental instability, congenital or acquired, are dangerous. A dangerous or vicious dog is a dog which has demonstrated dangerous or vicious behaviors

So is ANY dog when left alone with small children. Even the best natured child loving pet can knock a small wobbly child over by accident.

As any dog can be considered "potentially" dangerous, it's hard to argue against statements such as ALL dogs of X,Y, Z breeds are potentially dangerous. It's true, therefore hard to refute.

But ya know, 100% of people born will die, life is therefore a dangerous prospect.

Common sense and critical thinking skills are both in short supply.

Small children are not to be left alone with dogs, period. Infants should never be left where a dog could access them. Dogs will defend you and yours out of instinct and love, not because they are trained or chained to a tree.

How about we tell politicians that the term "potentially," when related to dogs and dangerous, is an insult to their intelligence?
No one wants to be talked down to or misled.

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