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May 08, 2009



I'm not always a fan of Cesar and all his methods, but I do agree with some. I also think he has begun to really use his celebrity to promote a message of adoption and rescue. It's nice to see a celeb using that star power for good. I do hope this episode shows up on for those of us with out NatGeo channel.

You can see Cesar make some great statements on adoption at a recent North Shore Animal League event here

The next episode of the Dog Files will feature Roo & Clara Yori with Hector.


Lots of messages to educate the public plugged in throughout the show, including one about responsible breeders which I was glad to see. I also picked up a useful tip about handing the little dogs off backwards - I love learning new things! Sad to see the might Akitas reduced to what they were in that episode but then a happy ending that they were adopted. Yay!


Yeah, I though overall it was a good show -- although I am never too excited to see HSUS get that much positive press. I think overall though he did a nice job of plugging adoptions and not throwing good breeders under the bus.

YB, I'm not even sure I would have recognized those as Akitas with the way they were cowering.

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