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May 18, 2009



The way Jennifer "reviews" these videos from Youtube is fantastic. I've really learned a lot from them, and she does a great job of pointing out what's wrong AND what's right about the situations.

The sock tug-of-war scared the hell out of me, though. Why that parent sat there with a camera instead of removing either the dog or the baby from the situation, I'll never understand.


I agree Sarah. I think the way she uses the videos to show visual representation of the dogs' interactions is a great idea.

It's funny that you mentioned the "tug" one -- because while that one got a little tense at the end, the one that made me squirm was the one where the toddler took the bone the dog was chewing away, was stopped by her mother, and then proceeded to go sit on the dog while it chewed the bone. When that dog looked back at the child I was like, uh, mom, take care of this please -- and then the dog took care of it in a productive manner.

Susan Fox

It seems like most of the dogs on any given week who are in bite quarantine at the county shelter where I volunteer are there for biting a child, who was, pick one:

-putting his/her face down near the dog's food bowl while it was eating

-pulled on the dog's ears or other body parts and no adult stopped it, so the dog did

-otherwise harassing and teasing the dog on a continuing basis

Frankly, the staff hopes the owners decide not to bail the dog out sometimes, so it can go to rescue (depending on the circumstances of the bite) and have a chance at a decent home or be euthanized before it seriously injures someone because it has become dangerous. The threshold for that determination is fairly high, though. The dog has to pretty much make it clear that it wants to have a go at and kill anything it can get to.

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