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May 19, 2009



I SOOO wish they would have done a necropsy on the dog. I'd bet anything there was a medical problem that led to this attack or maybe it was on medication that could have caused it (long term use of Ivermec for mange has been known to) or maybe poison.

RIP Barbara Chambers. Condolences to your family.


That sucks. I'm so sorry for Barbara and her family. My thoughts are with them. :(


Ugh, that is horrific. Will this hit the dog bite statistics that CDC reports? Does pick this up? I am really beginning to question reality around dog bite statistics in general.


Carianne, I'd guess that both will eventually end up with it - but the hate group website will only get it if they get it off of my blog. But I really do think that this illustrates how inaccurate any "study" based solely on media reports would be because this one was completely not covered by the media. Which is why you really have to watch where data comes from and why people like Karen Delise have much more reliable information than the folks who rely solely on media reports.

Michelle, I think most of the folks down there wish a necropsy had been done. There has to be a reason for this attack...but we'll likely never know what happened in this one...


This is such a sad story. Sad for Mrs. Chambers, sad for her family, and yes sad for the dog too - by all accounts he was a real sweetheart and something medically must have gone spectacularly wrong to make this happen. The breeders and co-owners of the dog tried very hard to get a necropsy done, they would have paid for anything. But AC insisted on sending the brain for rabies testing and that was that.

I don't know if this will show up statistically as a dog bite fatality since she technically died of an infection. But of course she wouldn't have gotten that if not for her injuries.

It is a good example of not only how biased the media is, but also how INCONSISTENTLY biased they can be. Except for bully breeds - I've never heard of a case where they minimized or ignored a story involving a bully.

But contrast the minimal coverage this story got to the sensational coverage in the story of the 91 year old woman who was knocked down by Danes. Same breed, but the non-event was sensationalized while the truly serious attack was treated in a very restrained manner.

It is really scary how completely the media can manipulate the information we receive, and influence what we THINK we know!


Getting dog bite facts, or even just dog facts in general, from the mainstream media is like getting lottery ticket numbers from a ouija board.

What I find interesting about this story is that the posted comments are, for the most part, pretty much on the ball, asking the only real pertinent question: why?


It should be listed as a dog attack fatality as Jimmie Mae McConnel is listed that way...and she died from a heart attack and had a known heart condition. None of the bites she received were life threatening. She was also working in her garden around the time so that could have contributed.

The AC refusing a necropsy is complete negligence. Makes you wonder if there was a cover up of some sort...


Im not sure if your type of blogs really do this..but I gave your blog an award on my wall!!


Appreciate your well presented article. You are right on with your observation. Sadly the media along with a few unqualified owners are responsible for most of the hysteria that unfairly surrounds the breed. As an example, someone above included an article about a pitbull that attacked their owner. No doubt the fact it is was a pitbull made it worthy of front page news. Not long ago here in Michigan USA, a man was mauled to death by three dogs. The headline simply read "Local man found in trailer dead". The smaller by-line read; "Mauled to death by three dogs". Just skimming the paper you would have missed it. I knew instantly that no "Pit Bulls" were involved, otherwise the Headline would have read "PitBulls Maul Local man to death" and the by-line would have been "local officials talk of Ban". I tried to locate the article that was in a small town newspaper and all I could find was some passing reference and can not find the article.

I have a lot of information on my site on this subject as I have a passion for this breed. I think many will find this information enlightening: and for those who said they like the looks of them: I hope you enjoy.

C. Kauffman

Barbara was a friend of mine for over 20 years. The poodle involved in the incident with the Dane was a standard poodle, which is a fairly large dog, and Barbara had mentioned to me on occasion that the Dane and the poodle did not always get along with each other and had to be "broken up" from time to time. I see that there's a lot of speculation as to what might have been medically wrong with the Dane, but I suspect that this tragic accident was nothing more than Barbara trying to break up a dog fight and coming out on the short end of it. At this point we will never know for sure, but I'm inclined to believe that this is what happened. I saw nothing about the story in the media but I am thankful that her employer was kind enough to track me down so that I could be with her and her family at the hospital in the days before she passed away. I miss her a lot.

Brent Toellner


I'm sorry about your loss. I've heard from a lot of people who knew Barbara and she seems like a great person. I had not heard about the dogs not getting along well -- that would actually almost make the scenerio makes sense.

It's a tragic loss...



Thank you for your kind words. I'm sure Barb's family appreciates them as well.

Carole Kauffman


that was my mom i love and miss her so very much. i love you and want you back


I'm so sorry Michelle...


Sad story

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