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May 14, 2009



The leaders of the military are doing this as well by banning bully breeds from bases. How can they look themselves in the mirror? They send these wo/men off to potentially DIE for our supposed "Freedom" and then strip them of their rights and take away their family members.


I just bet that ACO goon has one of those made in China "support the troops" magnets on his car


Studies indicate a relationship between owning a dog and reduced stress levels. I would think the military would want to foster the bond between soldiers and their pets, not terminate it.

Pit Bull NM

My heart goes out to Leonard Shelton and his dog...BSL is nauseating.


oh and bTW, HSUS -- Hypocritical much?

(HT: YB)


Leonard Shelton dont quit .. I appreciate your two tours over there and what you did.. It is not everyone or everywhere ..buddy.
If you win make sure to get on fox news and make a big deal out of it... this country only responds to over the top drama.

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