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May 07, 2009


Sue Cosby

Yeah, I was definitely taking aim at the derailed Breed Ambassador type programs that occur within the walls of shelters.

I would encourage any guardian (of any breed of dog) to participate in programs designed to develop and showcase amazing animals within the community.

My furry dingbats being completely untrained (one of whom routinely sleeps on the kitchen table with the cats on the cat beds) makes for a fine example of what not to do. I've convinced myself I appreciate them more in their "natural" state :-)


If a Pitbull "rescue" gets called in to a large seizure case and picks out the so-called best dogs (leaving the majority) and assists with killing the rest, that sounds like an ambassador program FAIL to me. It doesn't mean that I'm ungrateful to the rescue for saving the dogs they did or that I wish them ill, it just means I want to work toward improving things so that ALL adoptable dogs are saved. I hope I'm not supposed to be too intimidated to say that.



I would agree that that scenerio is certainly a system fail -- but I have a tough time pinning this on an individual rescue group in most cases. Most breed-specific rescues don't have brick and mortar locations -- so they rely solely on foster homes. If you've ever tried to deal with foster homes, try coming up with 130 open homes in a 5 day time period. I don't know of any rescue groups that are equipped to handle that.

However, it is a failure of the entire system for other organizations to not be able (or willing) to assist in absorbing these dogs and dismissing it as someone else's concern.

I think there is a big difference between being in a situation where you can only absorb so many so you take the best of the lot, than the alternative of if they aren't the best of the lot, recommending the rest die.

But yes, ideally we can get the entire animal welfare community on board with the idea that these dogs are worth saving so that the SYSTEM doesn't fail these dogs...


For me, it's not about blame and looking back but *looking forward* to what changes can be made. I don't know of any single rescue who can take a triple digit influx of dogs but I hope that the rescue *community* can rally to do that, when needed.
I'm glad when any pet is saved and I'm sad when any pet is killed. I want to be less sad. And I'm willing to work.

Marthina McClay

Our Pack took a dog that the shelter could not continue to work with. We partner with them on some of these dogs. That way we don't have to run out for a foster and the dog gets more volunteer help.

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