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April 22, 2009



Well said. Certain breeds of dog are often kept here in the UK, by louts who use them as macho status symbols. More often than not, the dogs are mistreated, to make them aggressive. Some are trained to attack, and are actually used as weapons by criminals. Other dogs become a problem, because they are kept in utterly unsuitable environments, by ignorant and irresponsible owners, who don't provide adequate exercise for their dogs, and fail to socialize them. The only thing the UK Dangerous Dogs Act has done, is to foster a culture where pitbulls and other banned breeds rarely fall into the hands of responsible owners, and more often than not, are kept by the type of person who would render any dog potentially vicious.


I'm not sure this is cause and effect in quite the way you suggest because my (anecdotal) impression is that the situation is very different in London compared with other parts of the UK. Here (Cambridgeshire which is comparatively rural) we see lots of "big Staffordshires" but serious fight wounds are very rare and the dogs are loved family pets. The London hospitals report seeing lots of similar dogs but with wounds which have pretty obviously been caused because owners allowed their dogs to fight.

Organised dog fighting used to be more or less unheard of, but its now going up.

I'm afraid the situation is mostly a symptom of something going very wrong with our society. I agree the DDA is irrelevant, but I don't think there's evidence that dogs are being seized simply because they look like pit bulls, more the other way round that the DDA is being used to permit seizure of dogs that someone has complained about.

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