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April 08, 2009



As an Ohio resident, would you mind if I use some of the information you have provided when contacting them? (contacting them for the second time, that is :) )


It's all public information (even before I put it out there) -- use as how you see fit. And good luck.


please everybody from oh write to rep. sears on this bill. last time i checked they had over 500 letters in support of it and 5 against it. i bet i know who one of the five are who are against it. could it be ineffective dog warden skeldon? using my church lady voice from old SNL's to deliver the last line...


KN probably took time out from his bizzy day as an unelected civil servant to fire off a missive as well. The old firecracker vs hand grenade thing gets them every time!

Ernest Asteriades

I support House Bill 79 that removes the breed specific language.All dogs are equal and should be treated equally.Pit Bulls are good dogs as long as they have good ownwers, Same as other breeds.

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